"Melanie impressed us because she had a real feeling for the ambiance of the bay".

Richard Fisk

"Thank you for realising our dream".

Fred and Helen Lankhorst

"Jacqui said she knew who to call to help them make the changes they needed to create their dream home".

Jacqui Grant

"We love the house and every day we spend here is a joy. We could not be happier with the results or more appreciative of all the effort and hard work".

Chris Liddell

Wynn Residence

The clients purchased this narrow waterfront site with the intention of building a family home for themselves and their two teenaged children. The site faces north to the lake and has a significant fall that needed to be addressed in the design.

The entry level of the home contains the primary living rooms and the master suite, to address future accessibility issues. On the lower level a suite of rooms was created to provide the children with waterfront bedrooms, a deck, bathroom and private living room. View lines to the water were a principal focus of the design, with all living and bedrooms having access to the view. A combination of raked and flat ceilings creates interest in the spaces, to compliment the extensive glazing.'