"Melanie impressed us because she had a real feeling for the ambiance of the bay".

Richard Fisk

"Thank you for realising our dream".

Fred and Helen Lankhorst

"Jacqui said she knew who to call to help them make the changes they needed to create their dream home".

Jacqui Grant

"We love the house and every day we spend here is a joy. We could not be happier with the results or more appreciative of all the effort and hard work".

Chris Liddell


Melanie Symington is an Accredited GreenSmart Designer and instinctively incorporates the principles of sustainability in every project she is involved with.
 “A home does not have to be designed in a particular architectural style, to be environmentally sustainable. Increasingly we are all becoming more aware of the footprints our actions leave behind and it can be amazingly simple to address this when designing a home”.
Seaside Homes will incorporate in your design solar passive design principles like the following, to create a beautiful and sustainable home,

          Ideal positioning of the residence on the site
          Creation of cross ventilation patterns
          Maximising of thermal mass opportunities
          Protection of glazing units from summer sun, whilst allowing winter access
          Optimum specification of insulation

Why Use Good Design?

A quote from, Your Home, Design for Lifestyle and the Future, by Chris Reardon.

“A great majority of Australians live in homes that work against the climate, rather than with it.

These houses are energy inefficient, too cold or too hot and comparatively expensive to run. Similarly, most homes use far more water than necessary, and are made of materials that can damage your health and the environment.

Building a home using good design principles can save energy, water and money, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home”.